Actual camps and other events

US Soccer Education runs camps in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. The best players from our camps are often invited to extended (several days) programs of our partner European teams.

We will recommend the best of you for internships to our Partner Clubs in Europe.

St Louis Camp November 23-26 2023

Us Soccer Education
North American soccer talent showcase
Saint Louis
Novembar 23/26/2023/
All ages from U/11/19/+
Boys and Girls
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What awaits you at our next camp in St. Louis?

You can look forward to top coaches from the USA and Europe under the sports leadership of our USSE patron Jiří Plíšek (UEFA Pro coach).

Come and present your talent to European scouts.

You will develop technical skills, a technical-tactical component, you will play football matches, and as a bonus we have prepared learning blocks and a specific diagnosis of sports performance.

Great atmosphere, new friendships and individual approach is a matter of course.

We are here for you. Join us and touch your dream.

Novigrad Camp January 4-12 2024

Us Soccer Education
World soccer talent showcase
January 4/12/2024/
All ages from U/15/19/+
Boys and Girls
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Do you want to try a real professional camp?

Then join USSE and travel with us to the magical city of Novigrad in Istria.

We will have the facilities in the luxurious hotel Aminess Maestral, where such clubs as Manchester City or Hajduk Split go for their training sessions.

This camp is going to be a real ride.

And what awaits you here?

Top training sessions led by European trainers who use modern trends.

In cooperation with a sports university, we have prepared a diagnosis of sports performance that predicts your sports development.

Our mental coach prepared a program for working with personality.

Our fitness trainer will advise you on injury prevention and a suitable diet for athletes. Work with detail, individual approach, comprehensive development and education.

That’s exactly what you’ll find only at the US Soccer Education Camp.

As a bonus, we are preparing specific Futsal training methods for you, which were also learned by current world football stars.

We are here for you. Join us and touch your dream.


USSE has been successfully organizing soccer camps for several years.

Camps are organized not only in selected places in the USA, but also in other countries of the world. We have already been to Australia, BiH, Croatia, Germany and we are currently registering interest from countries such as Canada, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.

We are no ordinary camp
At our camps, football skills are learned, personality develops comprehensively, players from all over the world meet here, and we are open to every community and faith, everyone has an open door here. Just love football, respect the rules, be a team player and want to learn new things.

If you want to improve, work with professionals, learn new things and develop your skills in cooperation with our specialists, then do not hesitate to sign up for our next camp.

It depends only on you!
If you show football talent here and a real effort to become a quality player, then you may get, like many other players before you, the opportunity to present yourself in some important European clubs or national teams. Our camps are regularly watched by many scouts from our partner clubs, national team coaches.

As a bonus, we are preparing the possibility of specific tests and diagnostics of sports performance, which will show even more the objective potential and possible perspective of each player.

We look forward to you!

“Follow your dream, believe in yourself, work on yourself, be strong and courageous”


Thanks to the wide network of our contacts with important European clubs and their scouts, as well as thanks to the respect that our organization has earned through its results, we have the opportunity to organize and implement various training internships.

We deal with each training internship individually and what is important here (psychological tests, some questionnaire for interested parties and graduates of our camps) in the whole process is the right direction.

Some clubs can offer a comprehensive service including the training process, accommodation and food. Other clubs only offer the possibility of a training process, and the rest are provided by the player, in cooperation with us, individually.

The price for each training internship always depends on the destination, the size of the club, the number of days and accommodation with meals. The player always pays for the plane ticket and car journey separately.

We can also help here if necessary in cooperation with our partner Europe Sport Travel.

This internship is not a classic test in the club and does not guarantee continuation in the club. However, our experience says that quality always decides everything. Therefore, if the player shows sufficient football and personality quality, it is not excluded that he will receive an offer from the club for further cooperation.

If you are interested in going to try football in Europe, then do not hesitate and fill out the entry questionnaire. We will then contact you and together we will choose the most suitable model.

“Only the player himself can decide his fate and happiness, everything lies on the field”

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