Diagnostics of sports performance

A wide range of specific tests and diagnostics of sports performance, which will show us your current level and a prediction of further development. Online seminars for athletes, coaches and parents.

It is very important for each individual to know his skill level and also to perceive what are the real capacities and reserves in which a person can develop on the one hand as an athlete and on the other hand as a person.

That is why we have prepared a wide battery of tests and questionnaires for you, which will allow us to be as comprehensive, objective and, last but not least, effective.

Our tests are based on the most modern knowledge about the training process and the development of the individual, and we work here with revolutionary technologies. We will always strive to work with the best and most progressive.

Another important element for the comprehensive development of an individual, not only a player, but also a coach, parent, official, is the educational process. For our organization, it is one of the priorities and the main points of cooperation with you.

We will regularly prepare educational online seminars, include these educational blocks in our joint camps and meetings.

“Know yourself, look for new possibilities and inspiration, learn and listen”